Hastings Elementary Mural Project

In 2004, as part of a UBC Learning Exchange Community Service Learning Project, Zeigler worked with fourteen third and fourth-year Visual Arts students over five weeks on the collaborative design and execution of a 13' x 40' (396 x 1219 cm) mural for the Hastings Elementary Community School, in the inner-city of Vancouver.   An additional six students from various UBC faculties and approximately twenty-five Hastings Elementary students also assisted in painting the mural, which focused thematically on notions of health and wellness.

1. Hastings Elementary School, Vancouver, BC, Reading Week, February 2004.

2. UBC students arrive at the Hastings Elementary School lunchroom to begin painting.  

3. Two UBC students, Carla and Andrew, mixing paint and getting to know some of the elementary students.

4. UBC and elementary students painting the mural.

5. UBC student, Allison.

6. One of the UBC project leaders, Indy Batth, and UBC student, Tiffany, working on aspects of project at Hastings Elementary School.

7. Students painting the mural.


8. A group picture of many of those involved in the production of The Hastings Elementary School Mural .

9. The Hastings Elementary School Mural , Vancouver, BC, 2004.