Hidden Sites: Cache Creek

A large portion of the Metro Vancouver's garbage is trucked from transfer stations in the Lower Mainland to the Cache Creek Landfill. The five-hour journey one way that trucks travel between
Cache Creek and Vancouver mirrors major Fraser River salmon migrations, north to the Thompson River and beyond to smaller rivers such as the Bonaparte River in the area of Cache Creek: the
fish travel in the Fraser, and the trucks on the road along side the Fraser.

Hidden Sites: Cache Creek pairs a video projection with two images: figuring the context of the landfill and the continuous influx of trucks, transporting waste from Vancouver. The hidden site of
the landfill – hidden from sight for the majority of its users – suggests other hidden sites, or hidden sights, of material production and disposal, and their re-shaping of landscapes and ecosystems.


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Hidden Sites, HDV video, 6 minutes, 2009.
Production team: Artist and Camera Operator, Barbara Zeigler;
Film Editor, Sherry Sakamoto of Pacific Spirit Productions; and Production Assistant, Brian Holling.


1. Transfer Truck, Cache Creek, BC, digital archival pigment print, 80 x 86.4 cm (31.5x 34”), 2005-09.

2 . Cache Creek Sanitary Landfill #2, BC, digital archival pigment print, 40.6 x 61 cm (16 x 24”) 2009.