Adams River

As part of Zeigler’s practice of field research, the examples shown here from the Adams River series were developed from images taken on trips over several years to the Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, on the Adams River, east of Kamloops in the interior of British Columbia. Thematically aligned with other work produced during this period, images from this series call attention to threatened marine ecosystems and British Columbia’s declining salmon stocks, as well as to West Coast cultural ties to salmon as they relate to individual and collective identity.

Every fourth year, during September and October, over two million sockeye return to the Adams River to spawn.   Against strong currents, they make the long 405 km (251 miles) journey as they return from the Pacific Ocean and pass through the Strait of Georgia to the Fraser River and eventually beyond to the Adams River.


1. Touched by Fire, digital archival pigment print, 116.8 x 68.1 cm (46 x 26.83”), 2011.


2. Adams River , 102.9 x 104.1 cm (40.5 x 41”), digital archival pigment print , 2003-04.  

3. Under Siege , 109.2 x 111.8 cm (43 x 44”), digital archival pigment print, 2004.


5. Transition, 94 x 94 cm (37 x 37”), digital archival pigment print, 2011-12.


4. Driven by Desire , 101.6 x 121.9 cm (40 x 48”), digital archival pigment print on vinyl mounted on   plywood, 2003-04.