In the 90s Zeigler sought to adopt a more analytic approach to the physical environment. In this increasingly interdisciplinary and collaborative phase, she collaborated on Earthmakers with artist Joan Smith, and together they worked with several scientists (Dr. Jeff Battigelli was of primary assistance), a master printer (Peter Braune of New Leaf Editions), and the general public.

In this project an understanding of the land was approached through fieldwork, research, and documentation of the soil fauna that inhabit a square meter of old-growth forest soil. Ideological assumptions about Western science, as well as what is valued and what is not by the public and the government were considered with increasing criticality, as was the concept of “landscape” in an effort to understand how ideas of nature, the land, and landscape are formed.

The Earthmakers’ installations were comprised of more than 200 prints from the 25 photo-etched matrices that combined aspects of drawing, photography, digital imaging, relief printing, and collagraphy. Individual works were shown and reproduced widely. A 25-page photographic work with text was completed for the Capilano Review, published by Capilano University. This project also extended to the community through smaller-scale collaborative works and exhibitions.